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"Carlsberg don't do ..." is probably

the most loved of all their campaigns.
With the help of Lenny's world class direction we contributed dreams, nightclubs and flat-mates to the roll-call.



Yes it's the dream brief, but what most people don't know is that we wrote fifty scripts for every one that got made. The budgets were generous, but that meant every detail was scrutinised, researched and agonised over. Then Lenny brought the magic only he can bring. I'm not surprised that he has been Oscar nominated for the stunning "Room". He has a unique ability to bring out the best in an idea, to hold onto what's good and to bring all his craft to bear on that alone.

"Dreams" was our first Carlsberg ad. Look out for the brief cameo by
Mark O'Halloran and Tom Murphy - that's Adam & Paul to you.


It was born in one of those brief moments of National ecstasy when we believe we can rule the World. Screenscene did a stunning job with the special effects. They're so good most people don't even realise they are there. But every football shot was altered frame by frame to change the opposition to fit the dream narrative. Socks, shorts, jerseys even skin tones had to be changed and tracked frame by frame.

Jayo wasn't the first player we thought about putting in the ad. He wasn't even the first one we asked. But his personality turned out to be the perfect vehicle to carry the mood of the nation. And he was more than happy to hang out the clothes for us and to let us age him overnight (the poster was turned around in 24 hours by Dave Morley).

This series of stings which ran in the run up to the Euros in Lisbon two years later were directed by Brian O'Malley and featured the famous Mick Byrne, physio to the Irish Team for ever, physio to the fans just for us.