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[the challenger brand]

Before mobile phones we're smart,

newcomers like Digifone had to be just that
to out-shout Eircom with their huge budget.

We billed the launch of Digifone on-line as 'the internet in your pocket', which in hindsight was a bit of an overclaim. It was however the beginning of reaching for your phone for news, entertainment, weather, sports results and even holiday bookings.

For this follow up the launch TV we had Eamonn Dunphy, Ciaran Fitzgerald and Eddie Jordan deliver the sports news direct to your bathroom.

We got into a wee bit of trouble for this topical Valentine's Day poster that launched an early form of phone based e-commerce.

For this B2B campaign we wanted to show how committed Digifone's staff are to understanding their customer's business.
There's very little Photoshop in these images - it was easier to actually put a desk and
a wetsuit wearing sales exec in the aquarium in Bray at 2am, than to fake it.

Digifone's sponsorship of Cork GAA was a perfect fit for the brand -
the noisy challenger brand and the Rebel County.