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Fyffe's bananas

A bit of fun on April 1st - that got Dundalk FC's fans talking.

A bit of fun on April 1st - that got Dundalk FC's fans really talking.

And six weeks later they were still talking.

From health to convenience, Fyffe's leverage current events to create conversations about their bananas.

UCD's CAO campaign used social media, an experience, a video shot at the experience - which starred their students & faculty, online display, HPTOs, an interactive roadshow, competitions and a bespoke
app to create an connected world of opportunities to engage with their story.

There's more on the whole campaign on this link.
Below are some of the social postings.

The Smithwick's Experience is
first and foremost an experience.
But the experience isn't limited to
the building where it lives. A large part of its success is due to social posting -
some owned, much of it organic.

Bulmers - an inherently social brand has a very active social media presence, leveraging their sponsorships and whatever is current - now is a good time.

April 1st was a big day for Bulmers: 6.7k likes, 4.6k comments in 24 hours