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[ they said ]

We need to update our web video - the
one that shows prospective students all there is to do on the UCD campus.



We said - how about we create an interactive experience that will push UCD to the top of more students CAO forms by positioning UCD as the answer to the question - what university will give me the choices I want, now and in my career? And we'll film the whole thing so you'll have an experience and a new web film.

UCD. Welcome to the World.

[ the results said ]

An 8.4% increase in CAO first preferences.



The World of UCD was designed with the help of key faculty members, the build was supported live on social media. The builders were all students and faculty. And once we had the film we drove traffic to it using online display and social posting. The video was viewed over 100,000 times in the four weeks between launching it and the CAO deadline. The target audience - leaving cert students number 56,000.


Online Display

[ Year two ]

Taking the world of UCD
to the schools of Ireland.



UCD. Explore the World.